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Join Us Today

Whether you are considering taking up lawn bowling for the first time or are already an established bowler, your enquiry about membership will be warmly received. 

We would really value the opportunity to share with you, what we can offer and the support which we can provide. 

With bowling at its core, membership also offers the chance for everyone to take an active part in the club’s varied activities, required to support this.  

What we offer then, is quite simply the opportunity to get as much enjoyment as possible from taking part in lawn bowling in the company of a great group of supportive people, who share an enthusiasm for ‘being on the green’ 

We hope that you will want to find out more about becoming a member and you can do this by getting in touch with our administrator, Elaine Cox using the information provided on our website’s Contact Us page. 

***NEW BOWLERS TO THE CLUB 1st YEAR MEMBERSHIP IS ONLY £30*** (There is an additional £17 fee that gives you membership of    St. Crispin Social Club)

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